Compensation Disclosure


Since this website aims to provide reviews, tips and other useful guides. It is still advised that you need to conduct more of your investigation regarding about the product that you wish to purchase. This applies to all websites including this blog of mine.

Product and Services Recommendations

You will find some products and services on this sites that are recommended by me in the belief that the purchaser will have the complete satisfaction of buying the item or subscribing to a service. The first reason for recommending such product is that I already purchased the item or subscribe to the service and reap the good benefits. My second reason is that I also conducted my own research prior to posting the subject of recommendation. This research is to check whether the providers of the products are of good reputations and trusted by many buyers. My own representation regarding about the product or services are all based on my own honest opinions which I gained through the actual usage of the item or subscription of the service.

Bias and Diligence

Most often, I do have a business relationship with the providers and I will either gain compensation from the products or services that I introduced into this website. In some instances, I receive no compensation from the provider since we have a business or personal relationship that are involved. This means that I might be bias since there is a material connection between me and the provider and you could always make your own assumptions of whether I will receive or have received something from the provider. Thus, you need to perform your own diligence before deciding to buy the product or services that are recommended on this website.

Amount of Compensation

The compensation that I might receive for recommending the product and services of my own trusted provider depends prior to their terms indicated on their own website. In some cases, my compensation comes in the form of a product, services or money.

Monetary or Non-Monetary commission could either be receive by me when you take actions basing on the content of this blog. Such instances is when you click an affiliate link on this website taking you into the Provider's merchant store and made a purchase on the product or services.

Product Questions

You might have some issues that you want to clarify about the product. If you happen to read the About page section of this site then I clearly stated that my goal is to let you experience the best of browsing this website. Questions about the products and services that are mentioned on this blog can be sent on my email provided at the Contact Page.


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