Care and Maintenance of your Mobile Phone


Owning a mobile phone requires you to carry-out proper care and maintenance. Keep in-mind that these devices aren’t cheap. If you do not know how to properly care your phone then you will end-up buying new once which involves additional cost out of your pocket.

Mobile phones are highly sophisticated devices with superior design and craftsmanship. This is the reason that they should be treated with utmost care. The following are some suggestions that you need to follow to make your device last for a long period of use.

1. Keep your Device Dry

We are merely humans prone to commit mistakes where some individuals forgot that they still have their phone on their clothes and only remembers it after they already placed the device on the washing machine. Be aware that precipitation, humidity and all sorts of liquids or moisture can damage the internal electronic circuit of your phone. If such accidents happened then it is advised not to turn ON your phone yet and allow it to dry completely.

When your phone is thoroughly dried, you may now turn your phone ON. But, if it doesn’t then the only option is to take it on the nearest authorized repair shop.

2. Do not store your Device on Hot Areas

When storing your mobile phone, it is highly recommended not to store your device on high temperatures because this can shorten the life of your precious gadget. Too hot temperatures can actually damage batteries and warp or melt any plastic components.

3. Store your Device on a Clean Area

When you intend not to use your mobile phone for a long duration period of time then it is suggested that you store your device on a clean area. This is to prevent dust or any kind of dirt that can penetrate and form on the moving electronic component parts of your mobile phone which leads to damage or malfunctions after later use.

4. Do not Store your Device on Cold Areas
Due to climate change, we often experience different temperatures. You need to know that sudden changes in temperature could damage your mobile phone. When your device has been exposed on cold areas then suddenly returns to its normal temperature, moisture will form inside your device and this could damage the electronic circuit boards.

5. Never Open your Device

Mobile phones are highly sophisticated devices and it is never intended for repairs but replacement.

6. Avoid Dropping, Knocking or Shaking your Device

Any actions of rough handling or impact can damage the internal circuit boards and fine mechanics of your mobile phone.

7. Do not use Harsh Chemicals for Cleaning Purposes

Avoid the use of any cleaning solvents including water to clean the internal part of your gadget. It is suggested to use dried cloth, brush or air-pressure.

8. Do not Paint your Device
Paint can eventually clog any of the moving parts of your phone. This would result into malfunctions and worst – damages.

Proper Disposal Practice

In more electronic devices, you will find a symbol with crossed-out wheeled-bin on your product. This means that at the end of your device’s working-life, it should be segregated from any other garbage.

To prevent uncontrolled waste disposal, some companies are buying their broken or no-longer working products for re-use of material resources.