Activate GPRS or MMS for all Philippine Networks


China Phone has suddenly become so popular these days where the qualities are purely based on imitations of the original products. Anyway, most people tend to buy this gadget due to the reason that it is cheap and you can perform all important functions such as calling, sending text messages and etc…

The China Phone that I currently own today is the BlackBerry Bold 9700 which exactly looks the same in appearance as the original version but different in applications and functionalities. Connecting to the internet can be easily done through the activating the Wi-Fi function but provided that you are on an area covered by a network provider. In most cases, especially on remote areas, there aren’t any Wi-Fi spot that you can connect to surf the web. The only possible solution for this situation is to make use of the GPRS function of your phone.

I’m exactly from the Philippines and the following are the tutorials on how you can configure your GPRS phone settings and gain an internet access. If you are from another country, please consider contacting your network provider to obtain your GPRS settings. But before you do, you need to make sure that your phone supports GPRS connections.

To All Globe Subscribers:

There are currently three supported mobile phone brands which are the Nokia, Ericsson and Samsung. The first step that you need to do is to check the compatibility of your device by sending its brand or handset model to 2365 through text message. After the confirmation of your phone’s compatibility, you may now acquire the settings by texting GO (handset model) to 2951. Example is GO N70.

Additional Note for other Nokia handsets: For Nokia 6220, 6600 and 6820, text GO (handset model), 1234 then send it to 2951. Take note that your handset model and the 1234 PIN is separated by a comma. Another important part that you need to know is that regular text messaging charges will be applied.

In case that you have been asked for PIN to save the settings on your device, simply enter 1234. MMS service activation is done by sending your first MMS with a cost of 5 pesos.

As for the Prepaid Subscriber, it is very important that you need to make sure that you have available credits before trying to access your GPRS or MMS services. If you have zero balance on your account then you won’t be able to use the service.

To All Smart Subscribers:

First Step – Activating GPRS and MMS

Create a text message and enter “SET MMS” then send it to 211. You need to wait for the configuration to arrive which normally takes minutes but it is suggested that you need to wait for up to 24 hours period. After you have successfully downloaded your configuration, you will now have SmartMMS data account and SmartMMS WAP Profile. Along with these configuration settings, you will also receive a confirmation message that your phone’s GPRS and MMS are already activated and ready to use.

Second Step – Internet Configuration

Create another text message and key-in “SET INTERNET” then send it to 211. Just like the previous step, you need to wait for the configuration to be downloaded on your unit and it should only take minutes of waiting period. This downloaded configuration settings are your SmartPC data account and SmartPC WAP profile. You may need to edit this account to include the DBS IP addresses on the settings which is or

Third Step – Configure WAP via GPRS

Create a new text message and type “SET GPRS T68” then send it to 211. Normally, you will receive the configuration download within minutes where you will have SmartGPRS data account and SmartGPRS WAP profile. Simply set this account as your default profile.

Fourth Step – Configure WAP via CSD

This final set is just optional because you will be charge per minutes. Open a new text message form then type “SET WAP T68” and send it to 211. Just like the above step, wait for a period of minutes for your configuration download to arrive. Download it on your phone to enable your SmartWAP data account and SmartWAP WAP profile. Take note that you need to set this as your default profile.

Before you perform all instructions on these steps, it is suggested that you need to clear all the existing data accounts and WAP profiles on your device. If you are able to follow all instructions correctly then your SmartPC should have CID=2. Your dial-up number will be *99***2#

Are you confused? Let’s provide a more simple instruction for you to follow:

Setting up your MMS and GPRS device:

Download SmartMMS configuration settings by sending “SET MMS” to 211. As for the SmartGPRS, send “SET GPRS” to 211.

Smart MMS and GPRS Activation:

You can activate your Smart GPRS by sending “GPRS ON” to 333. Smart MMS is done by sending “MMS ON” to 333.

If you are able to receive the configuration settings then simply select the option to “Save All”. Finally, the activation of your GPRS and MMS will require a confirmation from SMART.

To All Sun Subscribers:

Everything starts from your Home Screen then your need to navigate to the Programs Soft Key. Press the More options to move on the next page and you will find there Accessories. Under this section is the MMS setup and you had to access it by pressing the action button of your device. The next step is that you need to provide the following data on the required field then simply press OK when you’re done.

q First field: MMS connection
q IP:
q Port: 9201
q MMSC Address:
q Message Expiry: 1 day
q MMS Download: Auto

When it’s complete, you need to press the “Done” button four times to confirm the setup.


Starting from the Home Screen, press the Programs Soft Key then the “More” option to access the next page. On the next page, choose the Settings then select the Data Connection. Press the Menu Soft Key then select Edit Connection. We now have the GPRS Connection and we need to add it by pressing Menu then select Add.

The next step is to provide the following data on the required field:

q Description: Sun GPRS
q Connects to: The Internet
q Access point: minternet

You will be prompted three times for confirmation of the entered data where you just need to press the “Done” option three times. After this step, go to the Data Connection then select the Sun GPRS where you can find it under the Internet Connection. Press “Done” when it’s finished.


At the Home Screen of your phone, go to the Programs Soft Key then select “More” to move on the second page. Press the Settings then select the Data Connection. Navigate to the Menu Soft Key then select the Edit Connections. You should find here the GPRS Connection. Select it then press the Menu then Add.

Just like the previous steps, provide the following data on the required field:

q Description: Sun WAP GPRS
q Connects to: The Internet
q Access point: mms

You will be asked three times to confirm the entered data which means that you need to press “Done” three times. On the Data Connection, choose the SUN WAP GPRS which is found just under the WAP connection. When it’s finish then press “Done”.

SUN WAP Proxy:

Simple use the following details to create a Proxy Connection.

Description: Sun WAP Proxy
Connects from: The internet
Connects to: WAP network
Proxy (name/Port):
Type: WAP

GPRS Activation:

Create a text message then type “ACTIVATE” and send it to 2300.