SUN Cellular Plan 350, 450 and 600


Other mobile Networks offers reliable services but they charge their customers with too much fees which gives you the reason to use your mobile phone on emergency cases only. This issue has finally come to an end because SUN has finally released their unlimited plans which are the following;

SUN Cellular Plan 350

You can make an unlimited calls and send unlimited text messages to your families, friends or just anybody else for free but provided that they also use a SUN SIM card. Plan 350 comes with 250 texts messages to all other networks and for promotion; you will be given a free camera phone.

Surf Cellular Plan 450

You will enjoy an unlimited Sun-to-Sun calls and text messaging just like the first previous plan. You will be given 250 texts messaging to all networks and you will also receive a free camera phone. In addition to this type of plan, you will get 20 hours of mobile internet surfing or a total worth of Php 100 consumable IDD and iSMS on any destination.

SUN Cellular Plan 600

You can perform an unlimited call and texting to all other SUN Subscribers for free. This plan comes with 350 texts to all other networks with Php 250 consumable calls. A free phone camera is also included.

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