Best Value that the SUN Postpaid Plan Offers


Beside from the Broadband Plan for internet connection, they also offer the sun postpaid plan at the best value for landline calls and mobile internet services.

Landline Calls

You will enjoy an unlimited local landline calls to anyone having the same area code. Activating this service is done by sending SDU ON to 2738 or you might just call *738#. A monthly fee of Php 249 will be charged on your account.

Mobile Internet

If you prefer to surf on your mobile phone then it is best recommended that you subscribe into SUN’s mobile internet plan. You can surf and save more as compared to the other network services. The following are the three available plans that you can enroll;

1. Php 149 per month

You will enjoy a total of 20 hours internet connection.

2. Php 399 per month

This plan offers you a total of 60 hours period of an internet connection.

3. Php 649 per month

Unlike the other two, you will enjoy an unlimited web surfing or internet connection.

Before you decide on enrolling your mobile phone into any of the plans stated above, it’s suggested that you text iPlan to 2300 for more information since your application may be subjected for approval.


You can make an International Call into the following countries;

US (United States), Canada, Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Macau, Guam and Brunie.

The benefit of SUN’s IDD Call will charge you less than Php 5 per minute of your call. To make a call, you need to follow the following format below;

Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number