SUN Cellular Postpaid Requirements


Before you decide on subscribing to SUN’s services, you need to make sure that you have prepared the following requirements;

Application Form

You can acquire an Application Form from any SUN Cellular office near your area. It is very important that you fill-up the form completely with your valid information along with your landline number.

Valid ID

Your ID (Identification Card) will prove that the identity that you have entered into your Application Form is true. The lists below are the following ID that can only be accepted;

1. Philippine Passport
2. Philippine Driver’s License
3. SSS/GSIS ID with picture
4. TIN ID with picture
5. Company ID (Only the top 5000 Corporations are accepted)
6. Locally-Issued Credit Card with picture
7. Membership Club with picture (Exclusive Clubs only)
8. Professional Regulatory Commissions or PRC ID
9. Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
10. ACR I-Card (Required for Foreign Nationals)

The next two requirements are bills or receipt that you recently receive. You may choose to submit any of the two;

1. Proof of Billing and Income

Proof of Billing

a. Utility Bill (Electricity, Telephone, Water, Major Cable/Internet) with at least Php 2,000 for the Electric Bill and Php 1,500 for Telephone, Water and Major Cable/Internet.
b. Credit Card Statement
c. Exclusive Club Membership Bill
d. Insurance Premium Statements of Account
e. Notarized Lease Contact

Proof of Income

a. Last two (2) months Credit Card Statements (paid if already due) with CL of at least Php 25,000 (when applying for plan 350).
b. Latest Income Tax Return/BIR Form 2316 with Pay slips of the last two (2) half month pay periods.
- Basic Gross Annual Income of at least Php 120,000 (when applying for Plan 350).
- Present O/R to show payment of tax due, if any.
c. Newly-Issued Certification of Employment and Compensation with pay slips;
- Issued by the company’s HRD reflecting the employee’s income components, tenure, position and department.
- Latest Pay Slips of at least two (2) half-month pay periods reflecting a basic monthly income of at least six Php 10,000 (when applying for Plan 350).

2. Competitor Bill

If you are currently subscribed to any other services then you can use the receipts as your Proof of Billing. However, it will only be accepted if your account does not have any overdue balance and you are subscribed into their services for at least six month period.

Finally, if you have all the necessary sun cellular postpaid requirements mentioned on this post then you are eligible for application. Take note, all documents that are to be presented must be original.