Setup Your Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101


On this post, you will get to learn how to setup your Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101. The first step is to make sure that your headset is fully charge and it is compatible with your phone.

One important part that you need to be aware about this device is it’s magnetic. This means that any metallic objects near the headset can be attracted. Thus, be warned not to place it near your credit cards or any other storage media because there is a possibility that all information stored on them will be lost.

Use Appropriate Chargers Only

When you purchase your Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101 from an authorized seller then the package comes with the charger. Otherwise, you need to buy the following chargers: AC-3, AC-4 and DC-4.

It is best recommended that you should use chargers that are approved by Nokia. Else, your headset may be damaged by an inappropriate use of charger.

Disconnecting the Power Cord of your headset or any other devices should be done in a proper way. Gently grab the plug then pull it out from the outlet. The wrong practice is pulling the cord instead of the plug.

Charging the Battery

Before you proceed on charging the battery of your headset, it is advised that you need to read the Battery Information first. Here’s the proper procedure of charging the Battery;

1. Make sure that the outlet that you are going to use is not over-loaded. Anyway, you may connect your charger if it isn’t. Otherwise, you need to look for another wall-outlet.
2. After you have accomplished the first-step, connect the cable of your charger connector. You will notice that the Power Indicator will turn red. This means that the device is currently being charged. Normally, it takes around 2 hour period to make the battery fully charged.

When the battery of your headset is completely charged then it could last a total of 8 hours talking-time. For the Standby Mode, it could last for a total of 180 hours. Take note that these estimated period could vary depends on the compatibility of your Bluetooth devices.

Low power or battery will notify you with a beeping sound that occurs once for every minute. You will also notice that the red light indicator flashes at slow intervals.

ON and OFF

Turning your headset is easy, you just have to Press then Hold the Multifunction key at duration of around 5 seconds or more. Your device will beep and the indicator will start to flash a green light. At the same time, your headset will automatically establish connection to the paired device.

Switching OFF your device does have the same procedure as turning it ON. Press the Multifunctional key for about 5 seconds or more until you hear a beep sound. You will also notice that the red indicator will flash once.

Pairing the Headset

1. Turn your headset ON by Pressing the Holding the Multifunctional key for 5 seconds or more until the indicator flashes a green light.
2. On your phone, activate its Bluetooth feature and scan for any nearby devices.
3. The default pass code to pair your headset to your phone is 0000. In some other phones, pairing is done separately. Anyway, you just have to pair your devices only once.

When you have successfully paired your phone and headset, it is now ready for use.