Basic User Guide for BH 101 Bluetooth Headset


On this post, let’s discuss the proper method of wearing it on your ear correctly, handling a call, all about the settings and troubleshooting.

Proper Way of Wearing the Headset

The ear-loop is adjustable where you can bend it to fit around the shape of your right ear. When you are done, push the earpiece towards your ear. The headset’s ear-loop is normally set for the right ear but you can use it as well on the left ear by detaching the ear-loop, flip it then attach it back again.

Handling a Call

Provided that you have already setup your phone and headset, you can make a call in the normal way by dialing the number of the person that you wish to contact into your mobile phone. For those phones that supports redialing with the headset, simply press the Multifunction key twice but you need to make sure that there are no active calls that is still in progress.

Mobile phones that support voice dialing with the headset can be operated by pressing then holding the Multifunction key for about 2 to 3 seconds. Your phone will immediately start voice dialing and proceed by following your User’s Guide Manual. Take note that voice dialing cannot be used while a call is still in progress.

Answering or ending a call is done by pressing the Multifunction key once while rejecting an Incoming Call requires you to press the Multifunction key twice.

Adjusting the volume of your headset while a call is in progress is done by simply pressing the Volume key.

The last call feature of the phone that you can perform is your capability to switch the Call between your headset and your compatible phone. To do this, press then hold the Multifunction key for 2 to 3 seconds.

All about the Settings

There are some instances where your headset will suddenly stop functioning. The solution into this problem is to clear or reset its setting.

Deleting the pairing settings of your device is done by pressing then holding the Multifunction key and together with the Volume Up key for about 5 seconds. If its complete then the indicator light will alternatively flash with red and green.

Hard-Reset is performed by pressing and holding the Multifunction key then plug the device into its charger.

Trouble Shooting

The more common issue that your BH 101 bluetooth headset doesn't work is that your phone is not compatible. Otherwise, you need to make sure that your headset is fully charged, turned ON and successfully established connection with your own mobile phone.