Samsung Galaxy S III (Boost Mobile) - The Phenomenal Phone


The Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S III is currently one of the best sophisticated interactive mobile device today. This phone allows you to send photos, videos and other sorts of information a lot much easier and faster to anyone such as your friends and families.

Let's first start with the display which consists of a size of 4.8 inch which extends to an ultra-thin bezel that maximizes your viewing area. To protect against damages such as cracks and scratches, the expansive display is well protected by 'Gorilla Glass 2.0'. Apart from protecting the display, it also enhances that responsiveness of the touch-screen.

The most interesting part about the Galaxy S III is that it utilizes the Android 4.1 Operating System (also known as 'Jelly Bean'). With such great OS, it brings the user-interface with plenty of useful features. Some of these features are notifications, full web browsing experience and etc... But the most awesome feature that you will surely enjoy is the device's 'Face Unlock'. This can be used for security tool which uses facial recognition in order to unlock your Galaxy S III phone.

For those people who enjoy themselves taking photo-shots with their mobile phone then Galaxy S III offers you an 8-Megapixel Rear Camera with 'Burst Shot Mode' function. This is a special function of the phone that rapidly capture three images per second with zero shutter lag. As for its video recording, the phone has the capability to record Full HD 1080 pixel Video. Apart from the Full HD, it has a backside 'Illuminated Sensor' which improves your recording especially in a low-light environment. You can actually even capture photos while at the same time recording a video.

Some other features of the Galaxy S III are the following:

1. Wireless-N Wi-Fi Connectivity (with mobile hotspot capabilities). You can connect up to 10 devices into your Sprint 3G/4G Mobile Broadband.

2. Bluetooth 4.0 with Stereo Audio Streaming

3. A total of 16 GB Internal Storage

4. Optional microSD cards for Memory Expansion

5. A powerful battery that can support up to 9.2 hours of talking time

Galaxy S III Makes Sharing an Easy Task

The manufacturer of Galaxy S III ensured that you will enjoy the sharing feature of the phone. It is well designed that sharing information right into your friends or family is an easy thing to do which allows them to experience every moment with you regardless of your location.

There are three of these sharing features of the phone and they are the following:

1. Connect Through Touch

With 'S Beam', you will be able to transfer and share a large file such as a 1 GB video file which only takes three minutes to be processed. What you have to do is to place your two Galaxy S III phones back-to-back then transfer the files that you want to share such as photos, videos, documents and etc... There is no need for a Wi-Fi or Cellular Signal for transferring files.

2. Send Pictures in a Flash

When taking pictures of your friends or families, the Galaxy S III has the capability to recognize their faces wherein it can share the photos directly to them right after taking a shot. The function is called 'Share Shot' which allows you to send the photos that you have taken to everyone whom you know.

3. Access Content on Multiple Devices

Sharing files from your phone to other devices is made possible through the 'AllShare Play' function of the phone. You can actually access the files contained from your phone on various devices such as tablet, PC or television. With such function you will be able to present documents to your co-workers or show images/videos to your friends and families without the need of loading the file separately.

Intelligent And Intuitive Interaction

You won't be able to miss any calls or messages again because Galaxy S III has the intelligence and intuitive interaction to generate alert for you to catch your attention. It is also quite smart enough to recognize your face, voice and motions. Here are the two smart features of the phone:

1. Tell Your Phone What to Do

If you don't want navigating through the functions with your finger on the phone's touch-screen display, you can do it through your voice commands. You can tell it to wake up, snooze, capture photo, answer a call, send a text message and to play your favorite music.

2. Don't Miss a Message

Having your phone always near you allows the phone to generate an alert that a message has been received or you have an incoming call. But if you are away from your phone, it has the smart alert feature that gives you a vibrating nudge informing you that you have either a missed call or new unread message.

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