Track the Condition of your Health with your Mobile Phone


With the advancement of our technology particularly with the mobile phones, you can now easily check the condition of your weight loss program in just a few clicks away from your device. There are already several fitness and running applications that have completely changes the way how you can record your progress which allows you to achieve your goal. Let’s discuss on this post about some of the best fitness and running mobile applications that you can download from the net.

The first recommended fitness application that you have to download is the CardioTrainer. It is already a popular application developed for the Android OS devices. The best quality of CardioTrainer can be purchased at a price of $2.99 while basic application is available for free. CardioTrainer was created by individuals who are avid cardio physical exercisers particularly runners and cyclers. This application has the capability to track running distances via GPS system incorporated inside your smartphone. The most interesting feature of the CardioTrainer is it has voice notification where you will be notified about the distance that you have already covered along with the calories that has been burnt out from your body.

RunKeeper is another free application that you might want to add into your device. It is technically designed to work for iPhones and Android OS. Just like the previous app, RunKeeper has the capability to record all your steps and the courses that you have covered through the GPS tracking system. You can also check the history of your physical activities that are automatically stored at the official site of RunKeeper.

Android, Blackberry and iPhone can use the Endomondo application. According to the developers of this app, they believe that it is the best fitness application around because of its compatibility with any types of mobile phones which supports GPS tracking system. Just like the two previous apps, it records the distance you have covered and your best time. Your record can be shared with your friends by using the main website of Endomondo. Apart from sharing your record from the website, you will also get more information about your progress and some tips to achieve more good results.

The applications mentioned above are just a few examples that you can use for your workout. One of the reasons about why you need to use them is to get yourself motivated. Simply knowing that you have improved and already burnt a number of calories will motivate you more to keep on going.

Moreover, the only downside of using such applications is that they consume too much battery from your device. You should always make sure that you have completely charged the battery of your phone before you go out for an exercise.