Mobile Phones are Dangerous to your Health


Today, almost every citizen of the country owns a mobile phone and most of us are using it with considerable amount of time each day. This should draw-out your curiosity to ask yourself whether there is a negative effect towards your own health. Actually, there isn’t any conclusive answer to this question yet where researchers are still on the process of studying and making their investigations. Information around the net also contains conflicting opinions claiming that mobile phones are safe while others state that it poses a serious treat to our health.

If you have basic knowledge about theories of our technologies then you may come into a conclusion that mobiles phones are potentially dangerous. These are devices that make use of High-Frequency Radio waves to send and receive data of information. Take note that exposure to High-Frequency Radio Waves could cause cancer. Another potential treat but less likely to occur are defective batteries which might explode in some certain cases.

On the other side, mobile phones are widely used all over the world and there are minimal reports about individuals being a victim of these devices. It is also unproven whether these devices are the real causes of their health problems which remain to be an ongoing argument against the safety of mobile phone products.

Reason that mobile phones are dangerous to your health:

Tumor and Brain Cancer

This is the most alarming risk that every mobile phone user needs to know about where it increases the susceptibility to Tumor and Brain Cancer but there isn’t any strong evidence about such risk.

Magnetic Field

Magnetic fields do possess a serious treat towards our health because research studies from the past claims that it can affect living cells. Sad to say that your mobile phone operate and use magnetic fields.

Call Duration

Some people claims that after spending too much time having a conversation on their mobile phone had affected them to experience fatigue, loss of concentration and headaches.

Radio Waves

It is still a possibility that Radio Waves that are continuously emitted by your device can heat up and damage your living tissues.

Reasons that Mobile Phones are safe to use:

Friendly Radio Waves

Telecommunications always makes sure that the product passes the safety level of Radio Waves used. This means that the Radio Waves emitted by your device are not too dangerous to affect your tissues.

Brain Tumor Incidence

Researchers are still puzzled and they could not draw a conclusion between the use of mobile phone from acquiring brain tumor or cancer.

Loss of Concentration, Fatigue or Headaches

All of these are likely to be false because scientist could not replicate them on their laboratory test.

Weak Magnetic Field

Mobile phone operates by using a magnetic field but the emitted fields are too weak enough to harm your living tissues.

The Safety Procedure:

Regardless of whether your mobile phone is safe to use or not, precautions are still need to be followed. The following are my recommendations in trying to beat the odds:

Minimize your Usage

Actually, there are defective products that manage to get out of the hand of the Quality Control inspection. Yours might be using too much radiation and it’s very impossible to tell. So minimize your phone usage by making your conversation short. Take note that the emission of the radiation is more powerful when you are talking or sending text messages.

Don’t put your phone in your pocket

The Base Station is the tower of your network provider. If you are close to a certain station then you will notice that your signal is at full bar and when you are at a far distance, your signal bar are reduced. You need to know that your mobile phone will emit more radiation when you are at a certain location with poor signal. For this reason, it is highly advisable not to make any calls because it causes your phone to heat up. You should only make calls when you have strong reception which can be distinguished on your phone’s signal bar.

Use your Headsets

If you can’t avoid having long conversations on your mobile phones then you should use your headsets. You need to know that strong electromagnetic waves are emitted by your phone which can damage the inner part of your ears.

Texting is better

Texting do have several advantages than calling. So if you want to contact a certain person and it isn’t too important then use SMS instead. Less radiation are emitted by the phone through texting as compared to making a call. Calling even requires you to put your handset close enough to your head except when you use a headset.

Use Bluetooth

The Bluetooth Headset doesn’t usually come with the mobile product that you purchase. It’s another product that you need to buy and it is best recommended to use than the wired headset since it emits only a small amount of electromagnetic field.