The Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101


Are you the type of person who always makes use of his or her phone while on the move?

It is really a hassle on your part just to stop what you are doing and grab your phone out from your pocket to make or receive a call. A good solution for this kind of situation is to use the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101 that enables you to make or receive calls while on the move. This mobile phone accessory is compatible to any handsets supporting Bluetooth Wireless Technology.

According to some individuals, the use of mobile phones could be dangerous to your health especially when you do not use your headsets. Mobile phone devices emit radiation which becomes stronger while in use.

Putting your handset close enough to your ear could damage its internal parts and along with the harmful radiation which is believe that it can cause brain cancer or tumor. This reason should already be enough for you to know and avoid using your phone overtime. However, if you are a business minded individual then you just cannot avoid using your phone most of the time or you will lose any of your potential customers.

Just exactly what has been stated above, a good solution to this situation is to use the Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-101 because you can make and receive calls with a maximum of 10 meters distance away from your phone which is completely safe from radiation.

Bluetooth is a term that falls under the field of Wireless Technology. This function on your mobile phone allows you to connect to another device and transfer files for free. Your device doesn’t require any cable wires where it covers exactly a total of 33 feet range. But, range can be reduced due to interferences such as walls and other electronic devices.

Moreover, this headset complies with the Bluetooth Specification 2.0 +EDR supporting Headset Profile 1.1 and Hands-Free profile 1.5. If you are not sure about it’s compatibility with your device then the best thing to do is to check it with your phone’s manufacturer.