The Three Sun Broadband Plan


Philippines have three large competing networks for mobile and internet services. They are the Globe, Smart and SUN Cellular. Among these three networks, SUN offers the cheapest monthly fee and deliver their services with satisfaction just like the other two.

SUN offers three different plants for their Broadband Internet Connection which are the following;

Plan 350 Lite (Php 350 per month)

This plan offers you a total of free 45 hours internet connection every month. It is reloadable and “No Holding” period. Subscription into this type of plan simply requires you to present your valid ID with address. Take note that Plan 350 Lite is only available for “Line” only and with modem.

Plan 649 Bundle (Php 649 per month)

You will enjoy an unlimited internet connection and the plan comes with free modem. This plan must be bundled with a SUN Postpaid Plan which means that it is not applicable for Easy Lines and Easy Phones. Please note that Plan 649 Bundle has a 12 months Holding Period.

Easy Broadband 799 (Php 799 per month)

A valid ID with address is required to subscribe into this type of plan. Just like the 649 Bundle Plan, it offers an unlimited internet connection. Easy Broadband 799 is available for Line only (No Holding Period) and with modem having 3 months Holding Period.


You will receive a HUAWEI B200 Wi-Fi router if you enroll on Plan 649 by simply adding a total of Php 1,500 into your subscription payment. For Plan 350 Lite and Easy Broadband 799, you need to make an additional Php 4,600. This is only an optional offer and you may simply disregard it if you already have a working router or it isn’t necessary.