Traditional and Simplified Chinese Language Support


Setting up your Blackberry Bold 9700 phone to read emails in the Traditional Chinese characters is very easy. You can even visit your favorite websites where all the characters are automatically converted in Traditional or Simplified Chinese texts.

The following procedure is how you will be able to do it:

BlackBerry Desktop Manager v5.0.1

You will need the BlackBerry Desktop Manager v5.0.1 which is in the form of a CD and it is included on the package of the phone that you have purchased. If it isn’t available then there is nothing to worry about because you can download it at the BB (BlackBerry) official website. If you have the software then simply install the program.

Lunch the Program

After you have successfully installed the Desktop Manager, you may now run the program. If any problem has been encountered, your installation file may be corrupt and you need to seek help from the technical support.

Connecting your Phone

The USB cable is needed on this next step. This should be included on the package of your unit but if it isn’t available then you need to buy one on any mobile phone shop. You may now connect you Blackberry Bold 9700 directly into your computer with the use of your USB cable.


After plugging the USB cable of your Blackberry phone, the Desktop Manager will automatically detect your device. IF no problem has been encountered then the program will prompt you that your unit has been successfully connected.

Application Loader

From the Desktop Manager Interface’s Main Menu, click the Application Loader.

Font Support

After clicking the Application loader, a list will be presented and you need to scroll-down to “East Asian Character and Font Support”. A check box will be there allowing you to enable the Traditional Chinese Character and Font Support-and Simplified Chinese Character and Font Support.

Select and Check

Select then click on the check box to enable the language that you wish to install on your BlackBerry phone.


The final step is to click on the “Next” button to carry out the process and all you need to do is simply to wait. If your computer is very fast then it will take only a few minutes to complete the job but if it isn’t then you just need to be patient.