BB Bold 9700 is better than the BB C9000


Owning a China Phone these days almost allows you to experience the same functionally as compared to the originals. One of the best China Phone that has been recently released is the Blackberry Bold 9700. According to some users, the BB 700 is much better than the BB C900 and based on my own experience in using the phone myself it is indeed more enjoyable and reliable to use.

Before you decide on buying a Blackberry Bold 9700 China Phone, its better that you check its Specifications and Functionality.



This is the most interesting part of the phone which is exactly located at the center since it’s the primary function for navigating around the screen. The problem about the Touchpad is that new users may find some difficulty in manipulation. It seems that the highlight is going on the wrong direction and there are no alternative keys on the keypad that you can use. Anyway, the solution for this problem lies through the constant use of your mobile phone. It might take months which really depends on how you are able to adopt.

Shake to Switch

The phone comes with a Motion Switch sensor that can switch your Audio player into the next song. It can also be used in changing your background which can be configured at the settings.

Magic Fun Voice

You can alter your voice on the phone which is completely fun.

Fancy Mouse Indicator

Just like your PC or Laptop, you have the capability to change the figure of your mouse with your own choice.

GSM Frequency

850/900/1800/1900 MHz (It works almost on all countries)

2.5 Inches LCD

The screen offers you a high resolution graphical display with a size of 2.5 inches which is perfect for playing games, browsing the web and watching Videos.

Dual SIM Slots

You no longer need to have two Cell Phones just to use two different networks because the phone comes with a built-in Dual SIM slots.

2 GB microSD

The phone usually comes with a free 2GB microSD memory card.

Plug and Play

Unlike the other phones around, China’s Blackberry bold 9700 don’t need any driver or software to be used just to access it on your PC or Laptop. Simply make use of the USB cable to transfer or copy files.



This is a mobile phone wherein the calling functionality is the primary function.

Text Messaging

All cellular phone comes with the function that allows you to send text messages which will save you more cost as compared to making a call.


You can access the internet on areas covered by any Wi-Fi spot.


This is the user-friendly navigation control of the phone.

Music Player

Play and enjoy your favorite MP3 songs with the phone’s Loud and Clear Stereo speaker. Other formats that are support are WAV, MP4 and 3GP.


You can check the date and make some notes of your important schedules.

Photo Album

Choose the best memorable pictures that you have and store them on your Photo Album. You can find this function under the Multi Media settings. Take note that supported formats are JPG and GIF, others will not work.


The phone comes with dual CMOS Video cameras which will make sure that you won’t miss any memorable and happy moments of your life.

FM Radio

You can always tune-in into your favorite FM Radio station and listen to the top songs of the day. Either play it with the Loud Speaker or use the headset.

Analog TV

Watch TV at any location. Simply use the Auto Search Channel to provide you all available TV stations that your phone can receive.


You can always go-online which is either through the Wi-Fi connection or the GPRS (WAP) and check your emails, facebooks, twitter and etc…

Call History

You will be able to identify callers that you missed to answer.

File Management

It provides you the capability to manage all categories of your files.


If you have an important appointment then you can setup your Alarm Clock for reminder.


Are you not good in Math? Well it’s really handy to have a phone with Calculator.

To Do

Put here your notes about important reminders, grocery lists and other things that needs to be done.


Organize the applications that you commonly use. The phone provides a total of 11 Sub-Menu.

Video Player

Play Movies, MTV or any videos in 3GP format on the phone’s high-quality True Color LCD with a size of 2.5 inches screen.


Customize your set of ringtones.


This section contains E-Books, Bluetooth, Stopwatch, World Clock and the Unit Converter.


Play games during your free-time and enjoy.

Voice Recorder/Playback

You can record any sounds around your environment. Students can even use it to record class-lectures and etc…


Length: 4.2 inches
Width: 2.3 inches
Thickness: 0.4 inches
LCD: 2.5 inches