Proper Battery Charging Practices of your Mobile Phone Battery


You have to know that buying a mobile phone from any unauthorized seller may let you have the inappropriate type of charger. Other than that, you may not also have the appropriate accessories such as the CD Installer and Memory Card. I actually already had a bad experience about this wherein almost every enhancements that was included were not working.

Moreover, don't you know that using inappropriate battery-charger can seriously damage your mobile phone?

It might work for the first time but it certainly cannot last long enough. Common outcome is that either the charger gets damaged or your device is the one that gets damaged. If in case that the inappropriate charger got damaged, there are chances that even if you are to buy the appropriate charger this time as replacement - it may no longer charge be able to charge your mobile phone. Again, I do have the experience to support this kind of issue.

So how do you properly charge your mobile phone?

Before your can charge your mobile phone, it is best to look for a vacant wall-outlet to be used. It is important that the outlet must not be over-loaded with other plugs from any other equipments around your house. You have to know that over-loaded outlet can damage your house's 'Circuit Breaker' and on some unfortunate cases, it can cause fire accidents.

When you have finally found a safe outlet to use, grasp your charger and plug it slowly right into the outlet. Do not apply too much force as you might break the plug's pin. The same procedure must be observed when unplugging your charger.

The 'Power Cord' is the cable-wire that extends out from the charger's box. Common measurement of battery charger's goes around 1 to 1.5 meters length. Take note, you should only connect the cable-wire's plug into your phone after plugging the charger into the outlet.

After you have successfully followed the given instructions mentioned above, you should notice that the screen display of your device will animate the battery icon to increase and decrease. This means that your phone's battery is currently charging. If the icon stopped moving and remained at full-bar then it means that your phone is now fully charged. Most mobile phones can take around one to two hours of charging period.

When your phone is currently being charged, you can freely use it just like the normal way. But, the charging time may take longer.

If your phone has been completely discharged then its screen-display may remain blank for about 5 to 10 seconds after plugging it into the charger.

Another important thing that needs to be followed about charging your phone is to avoid 'over-charging'. Over-charging your phone can cause serious damage into your phone. Common results are darkened screen-display and bulging battery.

When you are done charging your phone, what you have to do next is to disconnect the power cord OFF from your device. Then, unplug the charger from the outlet. The wrong practice is pulling the power-cord to unplug the charger.