N70 Headset and its Remote Control Unit


Nokia N70 Music Edition is an entertaining device allowing you to listen into your list of favorite music. You can do it either by listening into the phones powerful built-in speaker or headset.

If you are alone inside your room with no room-mate to bother around then you can use your phone's built-in speaker. You may increase it even louder until to the level that suits your hearing-comfort. However, if you have neighbors who doesn't want to be disturbed then you should use the headset.

The headset of the Nokia N70 Music Edition allows you to handle calls just like any other phones around. You can either simply enter the number of the person that you want to call on the main-screen or if saved on the 'Contact List', simply browse his or her name then hit the 'Call' button. Handling an 'Incoming Call' can be answered by pressing the 'Answer Key' from the phone or headset.

Connecting the headset into your phone is easy but it still requires you to know the proper procedure as an improper way can damage your phone's headset sockets. Insert the pop-port plug into the pop-port connector of your device. There's actually a sign on the pop-port indicating the correct side. Anyway, if it doesn't fit in then you are inserting it the wrong way. Simply reverse the side and it should be plugged-in.

Nokia N70 Music Edition is composed of unique headset known as the 'Remote Control Unit'. It enables you to control your device's Music Player through its Media Keys. You can easily adjust the volume by pressing the two buttons on the left side of the control unit. The upper button will increase the volume while the lower button will decrease the volume. Apart from the volume keys is the 'Remote Control Lock Key'. This function is to disable all the keys of the remote control unit. This is useful when you are always on the move wherein there are chances that the keys will be accidentally pressed.

The Reason Why you Need to Use Headset for Handling a Call

You may not be aware about the radiation emitted by mobile phone devices. According to some reports, frequent use of mobile phone can cause 'brain tumor' or 'brain cancer' which is a very serious form of disease. Making a call or simply sending a text message causes the emission of radiation from your phone. What actually happens is that your phone will force the 'Network Station' to utilize the best possible signal (in the form of radiation) to send your data.

The common traditional way of answering or making calls from your mobile phone is to bring your device close enough into your ear. You have to know that the closer your phone is placed near your body the effect of the radiation will be a lot more futile.

Thus, to minimize the bad effect of your phone's radiation it is highly advised to use your headset.