The Reason Why Your Mobile Phone Is Turned OFF


There actually various reasons why your mobile phone is turned OFF but on this post, we are going to cover the three most common reasons. So here they are:

1. Brand New Mobile Phone

Of course every new model comes with a turned OFF mobile device. In fact it may still require you to assemble its parts such as inserting your SIM Card, battery, memory card and its covers. But not unless when the retailer does it for you.

2. Low Battery or Completely Discharged

When your mobile phone is at its low battery level then at any period of unexpected time, it will be turned OFF. You can still turn it back ON but when you are going to call, send a text message or use an application - it will be turned OFF. A completely discharged battery does not provide any positive indications that the battery still had some energy left in it.

Don't you know that when you always kept on completely discharging your phone's battery this can cause its life-span to be reduced?

It is important not to let your phone's battery completely discharged. By the time that you notice that your phone is at its low battery level, it is highly advised that you should immediately re-charge it.

3. Rough Handling

Back in my college-days, I often encounter people especially ladies who often accidentally dropped their mobile phones. When they accidentally dropped their mobile phones due to some varied reasons, their poor gadgets will hit the tough surface of the concrete floor shutting it into pieces. As a result, their device got permanently damaged with no chances of being repaired. It can actually be repaired but the cost is the same as buying a new phone.

Thus, you have to be careful at handling your device. Always put it inside your pocket especially when you are holding a lot of stuff such as books along with your bag.