Proper Steps on How to Turn ON Your N70 Mobile Device


On the top portion of your N70 mobile phone device, you will find there the power button. Pressing this button will enable you to turn ON and OFF your device. Take note that you have to press then hold the power button for about 3 to 5 seconds and then the welcome-message should show up.

Once you have managed to successfully turn ON your N70 device, it may ask you to enter your PIN Code, UPIN Code or Lock Codes. This is a secret code that the only person who knows about it is you. If in case that you do not know your SIM's PIN code then you can actually find it on your SIM Card's manual. But in most cases, the default lock-code is 12345.

Considering that you have bought a brand new N70 mobile phone or you had performed a 'Hard-Reset' (restores all the settings back into default), you will be prompted with the following details that you need to provide:

  • Select Current City
  • Make use of the scroll-key on your phone's keypad to define your current location. The shortcut is to press the first letter of your city which will shorten the list.

  • Adjust Time
  • Once you had set the location of your city, your phone will automatically define your 'time zone' based on the current time on your mobile phone.

  • Set Date
  • Enter the exact current date of the day.

    Completing the short simple tasks above will now take you into the main screen where you can now begin customizing your phone's other settings. But to tell you more about turning your N70 mobile phone device, it consists of an internal sensitive antenna which is located at the back portion. You have to know that touching this part of the phone while it is currently turned ON can affect the antenna's normal level of frequency. The bad effect is that it can lessen the battery's life wherein it will not be able to last long enough.