Importance of Keypad Lock or Key-Guard


The settings for the 'Keypad Lock' or 'Key-Guard' is commonly found under the Phone Settings. If you found your phone's setting, you get choose it to be set either automatically or manually. Choosing it automatically, your phone will be locked which depends on the time that you had specified. Manual mode works by locking your phone manually by pressing a certain key.

Unlocking your phone either you set it automatically or manually requires you to press the unlock-key. This is to ensure that your phone is lock even when the keys are accidentally being pressed inside your pocket. I do remember one of the incident that my phone charged me a huge amount of bill due to the reason of not locking my phone. While my device was in my pocket, the call button was repeatedly pressed making a random call to anyone.

Apart from my experience, here are the other reasons why it is important that you have to activate the key-guard of your phone:

Children Loves to Play Adult Stuff

At certain times, you may forget your phone lying around platforms that are reachable to children. If it happens that they grabbed your phone, they will definitely press its key with a very high probability of making a random call. Thus, it is always best to make it a habit to lock the keypad of your phone after use. Simply activate auto-keypad lock if you do not want to do it manually.

Adorable Pets Around your House

Dogs, Cats and Rabbits are among the few house pets but you have to know that they can be curious enough just like children. They can accidentally dial the numbers on your phone by chewing and playing with your device. Apart from that, your pet may even take it somewhere else that is hard for you to find.

Safe for Pockets

I already mentioned my bad experience about not activating the keypad lock in my pocket wherein it cost me huge sum of money for nothing. Other than making accidental calls, the battery of your phone easily gets emptied. This is because every time that your phone's keypad gets accidentally pressed, your phone becomes active.

Automatic or Manual

In my own opinion, automatic key-guard is much better if you often forgot to lock your phone. You don't have to press anything wherein when you are done making a call, just put it inside your pocket or bag and your phone does the locking for you. The only bad thing about automatic key-guard is that it may often bother you such as when you are texting slow. Your phone will kept on being locked automatically while you are not yet done composing your message. Anyway, you can set the automatic keypad lock's timer at a longer period of time if this is your case.