International Emergency Number from Mobile Phone


Can you just imagine if mobile phones have never been invented?

If this is the case that we are still living in our old technology ages ago then everything will still be processed very slow. Business individuals will have to write and send letters to their potential customers and it could take weeks before they will receive the response. In times of criminal incidents, the authorities are needed to be notified by somebody else who witnessed the crime. These are just a few of the outcome when mobile phones have never been invented until this very day.

We should be glad that communication on this generation is fast and easy. You can call your love-ones locally or abroad and have a happy conversation.

Moreover, the most important usage of a phone is on emergencies. Let me tell you one real experience of my friend who is so glad to have such device. She is a mother with a twelve years old son. One time, they are on a Bus Terminal waiting for the right bus to ride on their way back home. Unexpectedly, the mother suddenly collapsed and fell on the ground.

The Bus Terminal is often populated by other people around but they don’t seem to care of the lying individual on the ground – this is Philippines and that’s how things go on. Anyway, the little boy tried to beg those people for help but they have just ignored him. He is deeply troubled and doesn’t know what to do, perhaps to cry but he realized that crying won’t do any help.

Finally, the boy remembered that his mother owns a mobile phone and it’s on her bag. He took it out but doesn’t know how to use it. It took him around 30 minutes to figure out how to open the contact list and call the emergency number from the mobile phone. Within minutes, an ambulance had arrived and took both of them into the nearest hospital.

In most countries, the International Emergency Number that is commonly used is 112. It is very important that when traveling into another country, you need to be aware about the Emergency Number to call. Take note that it could save your life or anybody else.