28 Year Old Thai Man Accidentally Died on his Charging iPhone


Chanthaburi province, a 28 year old thai man was found dead on the floor along with his iPhone 4S wherein he was holding it on his left hand. According to the authorities, he was holding a black iPhone that was connected to a charger pluged in the power outlet. Other than that, the guy was topless and only wearing only a red short pant.

Further investigators had concluded on their result that the deceased was using his device on his bed while has was falling aspleep. On the left side of his chest, his skin was burnt. And his left hand that was holding the iPhone was also burnt that his skin got stuck into the device.

Based from the man's father, his son often goes to sleep at around 11 PM and he has the usual habit of sleeping on the floor without any shirt on. It was the same outfit when he was found dead. His father also claimed that he heard his son making noises last night wherein he just ignored it thinking that he was just sleep-walking. Early in the morning, his father went to check his son's room and found him dead.

Currently, the police investigators are seeing the incident as an accident where the victim died from electrocution via the phone charger. They haven't yet confirmed if the iPhone charger and cable were genuine or fake but based on the photo that has been supplied by 'Thailand's Dailynews' site, the color of the iPhone's outlet plug is blue. This means that its not the standard-issue for iPhone chargers.

How to Avoid Accident Like from this Report?

1. It is important not to use your cell phone while it is currenctly being charged. If it is important that you need to take or make a call then unplug it first before using.

2. Do not use chargers that has not been approved by the product certification.

3. Even if you are going to buy genuine products from manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Apple and etc... You should always ensure if they have product approvals. They can be easily identified through the marks such as UL, CSA, CE, VDE, GS and so forth...

4. If there are no marks specified then buy at your own risk.

5. Buying a non-original batteries or charger as replacement for your iPhone will put you at risk such as what happened to the guy who got electrocuted. As for the batteries, it might explode that releases hazardous toxic chemicals.