Lenovo A269i - Simple Smartphone that Doesn't Break your Bank


It seems that most smartphones that are available today are still way too expensive for everybody here in the Philippines but not when Lenovo had finally released their 'Lenovo A269i'. As the title of this post states, this is a 'simple device that does not break your bank' its because it comes with a very cheap price worth of Php2,799 only.

You might be thinking that Lenovo A269i is just another poorly designed device with not so many interesting features. If you are then you are wrong. Being cheap doesn't mean that its quality isn't good enough to compete with the expensive once. For only Php2,799 - you will get to experience capturing photos or videos with its 2 Mega Pixel Rear Camera. Its screen display offers you a size of 3.5 inch HVGA.

Apart from Lenovo A269i's camera, this dual-SIM smartphone has a 256MB RAM with a 512MB internal storage. I'm pretty sure that you can store plenty of files with such amount of storage. As for its external design, this product comes with an elegant black design.

For the techie individuals, Lenovo A269i is powered by 1GHz dual-core CPU that runs on Android Gingerbread OS.

Check this post for the complete specifications of Lenovo A269i.