Methods for Mobile Theft Prevention


All Mobile Phone companies always come out with brilliant ideas on every phone that they release on the market. The newer product features better applications as compared with the older versions but cost would be quite expensive that it could take your three months salary allowance. Furthermore, owning brand new cellular phones could be risky especially in the eyes of the thieves. They can easily snatched it out from your pocket and you being unaware and that’s how skillful are the thieves on this new generation.

In some cases, it could end up into a worst situation where the owner might get killed by the culprit. There are already several reports regarding about this kind of issue. One of them was an ordinary individual noticing that his device is being stolen out from his pocket and reacted into such behavior that the thief had to result into violence.

You might already be thinking that owning an expensive and high-quality of phone is dangerous. Well, you are wrong because you can avoid thieves from trying to steal your previous gadget only if you know what exactly you are doing. To avoid them, never use your phone in public which provide a tip for the thieves looking for their victim.

It is always handy to have two pairs of mobile phone. Simply use your expensive phone only at the office or secured locations while use your other cheap phone at public areas. This will let thieves realize that there is nothing interesting about targeting your phone.

Whether your phone has been stolen or lost and there are some important information contained on the device then there is nothing to worry about because there is still something that you can do. It is very important that you need to know the serial number of your phone which can be done by dialing *#06#. Fifteen digits of code will be shown just after you have dialed the given code. This is your phone’s serial number and it is highly advised that you keep a copy on a safe place.

Assuming that you phone has been stolen or lost, all you have to do is to contact or visit your service provider and give them the serial code of your device. They will then deactivate the handset making it useless for the thief to use even if he changes the SIM Card.

It’s too sad to say that you cannot take your phone back but the thief who stole your phone could neither use your handset nor even sell it since it no longer works. If every mobile phone owners secures their phone through this method then there is no point that the thieves have to steal your precious gadget.