Sis File Installation on Nokia Mobile Phones


Around the world, Nokia Mobile phone had grown widely popular that it gained million of users of this cellular product. Original Nokia always comes with an application allowing you to make full customization on your device. You can install games, themes and etc… but they come in Sis file format. Many users do have some trouble especially those who have limited technical knowledge.

What exactly just you need to solve this problem is to download the Nokia PC Suite which can be obtained at the official site of Nokia. Otherwise, if you have the CD installer which should be included on the box of your phone then you need to install it either on your computer or laptop. Simply follow the instructions and it doesn’t need any complicated task to be installed.

When you are done with the installation of the PC Suite then you can now access the main menus which include the options which are the following: Backup, Synchronize, Connect to the Internet, Install Applications, File Manager, Contacts, Messages, View Multimedia, Store Images, Transfer Music and Manage Connections.

If installation of application is you main task then choose the fourth icon on the first row. Clicking on the icon will cause a new window to appear showing you two separate tables. On the right side is the “My Computer” which contains the Sis files that you wish to be installed on your device. Of course you need to browse the folder where you have placed the Sis files. On the left side of the table menu is your mobile phone where its status shown should be connected.

Clicking the arrow that points to the “My Phone” table will automatically carry out the installation of the Sis file. However, new edition of Nokia Mobile phone products now have the capability to install any Sis file without the need for the PC Suite program. You can download the Sis file from the internet or copy from a phone’s friend then directly install it on the phone.