Advantages and Disadvantages of the Wireless Bluetooth


The full benefits and advantages of Bluetooth Technology have been previously discussed and its best suggested that you go over to that page and read the complete article. Anyway, to provide you a short detail about the advantages of the Bluetooth Technology, it has completely eliminated the use of wire cables.

An alternative technology or a competitor in terms of the market place is the Infrared. They hold almost exactly the same features but it fails through its weak signal receptions and does not go through walls or any other obstacles blocking the signal’s line of sight.

Bluetooth over powers Infrared since it can go over a distance that ranges up to 100 meters. The line-of-sight does not matter and you can either be at another different room. Other than its range, it consumes low power saving your battery life to last a longer period of use. Bluetooth technology is also best for integration on devices that are powered by small battery. This means that applications with the Bluetooth are virtually endless.

The Disadvantages:

Take note that the disadvantages discussed on this post might no longer be valid since Bluetooth is upgradable which means it is being further improved.

The downsides of Bluetooth Technology are on its data rate and security. Comparing it to Infrared’s data rate, it only offers 1 MBps while Infrared has up to 4 MBps. Data Rates denotes about how fast are you able to transfer files from your devices which still makes it as a complementary technology. As for the security, Infrared is more secured due to its line-of-sight limited capability.

As your Bluetooth emits greater range and radio frequency (RF), it makes it open for vulnerable attacks such as interceptions and tapping. Anyway, newer versions of Bluetooth have now implemented restrictions where users have to authorize any connections before it has to be established or paired.

There are really just a few disadvantages where they are all minor problems which can be easily fixed on the next upgrade. It still holds the spot of being the best short range wireless technology reliable to use. I’m sure that when you know how to use it, you will surely love and enjoy the full benefit that it brings on your part.