The 10 Advantages of Bluetooth Technology


Almost every mobile phone these days are equipped with Bluetooth Technology which allow us to transfers files from one phone to another without any cost and the hassle of transferring at very slow speed. Let’s discuss the ten advantages of Bluetooth Technology for you to know its full benefits.

1. It is Wireless

Wireless means that there is no need for any cables to plug-in from your devices. You don’t have to connect your phone into your PC or Laptop just to download then upload it into another phone. There are actually many benefits and advantages about using a wireless device. Among the best benefit is that it eliminates the use of wires which can be dangerous at some accidental occurrences.

2. Bluetooth Technology is Cheap

Most companies are now relying on Bluetooth Technology because it is cheap. This had made good improvements on their savings which earns them more profit in return. The same aspect has been applied for all mobile phones today.

3. Automatic Setup

Setting up your Bluetooth doesn’t involve any complicated task where they can be easily activated with just a few buttons on your keypad. If two devices have an active Bluetooth, they will automatically establish connections provided that owners of these devices did not enabled password protection. Otherwise, you need to know the password to be able to pair your devices.

4. Standardized Protocol

Whatever brand is your phone, you can establish connection to any other devices with Bluetooth technology because it has high level of compatibility. As for example, Nokia can be paired with a Blackberry phone even if they are of different model.

5. Low Interference

Most wireless connection are vulnerable to interferences but Bluetooth does not since its technology uses a technique which is known as “Frequency Hopping”. Apart from such capability, it is a low power wireless signal.

6. Low Energy Consumption Rate

As mentioned on number 5, Bluetooth uses low power signal which means that it only requires a small amount of energy from your battery. It’s indeed the best tool for mobile phone devices.

7. Sharing Voice and Data

Compatible gadgets allow you to share data and establish voice communication. The most common use of the Bluetooth on mobile phones is simply for file-sharing.

8. Instant PAN or Personal Area Network

You can actually setup a total of 7 Bluetooth devices connecting them all together provided that they are within the maximum range of 30 feet. This formation is what they called as “Piconet or PAN”. Of course you can also setup multiple connections on a single room.

9. New Versions

It is the nature of our technology that they keep on being upgraded to offer more advantages and benefit. Bluetooth is actually upgradable where new versions are made to be backward compatible with the older versions.

10. Universal Wireless Standard

Bluetooth Technology will stay and serve us more purpose throughout the next years to come. It’s not only mobile phones that are embedded with such technology but other gadgets as well. Bluetooth are already very popular these days that almost every electronic manufacturers wants to make their products compatible with the wireless technology.