Yahoo Messenger Chat via SMS


The first two large mobile network here in the Philippines which are Smart and Globe initially introduced a type of service called ‘Yahoo SMS Messenger’. This is actually a type of mobile service that allows you to login into your YM account and chat with your friends via SMS. Due to the large number of YM users, a lot of mobile phone owners had subscribed into their service.

With the introduction of the new competing mobile network, ‘SUN Cellular’, they have also introduced their own similar type of service which they call as ‘iMessenger’. The good part about their service is that you can not only use Yahoo but also MSN, AOL and ICQ as well. This type of SUN Cellular’s service has been made available on January 2006.

In case that you do not know how to use SUN Cellular’s iMessenger then here are the following steps that you need to follow:

Type in IM then send it to 2746.

When it’s done, you may now login into your YM account by entering your Yahoo ID and Password (LOGIN YAHOO yahooed password). If you didn’t encounter any errors or problems then you can start chatting with your friends by entering your message (CHAT YAHOO yahooed message).

Finally, don’t forget to logout (LOGOUT) when you are finished chatting around.

How much does it costs to use iMessenger?

For each LOGIN that you make, you will be charged with a cost of 2 Php and for each message that you send will charge your account balance with 0.50 Php. It’s really cheaper than the other two networks which give you the reason to use SUN cellular from now on.


For unlimited YM, you can subscribe to the following promos:

You have to send a text message with the keyword ‘BUY DAY’ for an unlimited subscription throughout the entire day. This will cost you P20 for the subscription fee.

If you want a longer period of subscription then you can text ‘WEEK ON’ for the whole week of doing unlimited chatting. The cost would be P100.

Any of those keywords must be sent to 2746 for activation of the service.