Unlimited Mix 25 and 100 Registration Process


For some reason, you might have ended up on this post through your searches on how to register with SUN’s Unlimited Mix 25 and 100 promos. Well, if you are then this discussion will guide you through the proper and detailed procedure on how you can do it.

Before we go into the procedure of subscribing to any of the service, let’s first discuss the benefits that you are able to experience.

Actually, the Sun Unlimited Mix is the first type of product that introduced unlimited texting which are then followed by the other two mobile networks which are the Globe and Smart. Other than the endless free text messages that you can send, you are also given 15 minutes of calls per hour, 15 minutes mobile web surfing and 20 texts to all other networks. It’s an ‘All-in-One’ product that allows you to establish connection with your friends, family and anyone around for as low as 25 Php only.

What is the difference between the Sun Unlimited Mix 25 and 100?

For the Sun Unlimited Mix 25, it will cost you only 25 Php to subscribe. As already mentioned above, you can send an endless number of text messages to anyone as long as they are also a SUN Cellular subscribers. Texting to other networks has also been made possible wherein you send out 20 texts messages. As for the call, you are given 15 minutes for every hour. Best of all is the mobile internet where you can surf the web for 15 minutes. This 25 Php subscription will be valid for 1 day.

The Sun Unlimited Mix 100 is almost exactly the same as the Mix 25 but you have more available minutes in terms of Mobile Internet, Call and you have 100 worth of texts messaging to other networks. Other than that, the service is good for 5 days period.

Registering for Sun Unlimited Mix 25 and 100

It is important for you to know that to avail on this Unlimited Service of SUN Cellular mobile network, you must have at least an account balance of 25 or 100 pesos.

To register your mobile phone for the Sun Unlimited Mix 25, create a text message and type in ‘UMIX 25’ then send it to 247.

As for the Sun Unlimited Mix 100, use ‘UMIX 100’ then send it to 247.

Good luck and enjoy connecting with other people through the power of SUN.