New SUN Promo Plan for 2011 to 2012


Sun Cellular mobile network continues to serve their existing subscribers with their new promo plans for 2011 to 2012. This promo applies to all SUN users nationwide but with the exemption of unlimited texting and calling which only applies for the local subscribers.

Unlimited texts and calls can be done at any given period of time. Take note that calls should be made only on the same network. As for the FREE text messaging you can send SMS to Smart, Talk N’ Text, Globe, Touch Mobile and Red Mobile.

200 Pesos Promo Plan

For an amount of 200 pesos, you can subscribe to an unlimited SUN texts with a total of 4 hours SUN calls. Other than that, you are given 500 worth of SMS text messaging to all networks. This promo is valid for 30 days period.

To activate this 200 promo plan, use this code: TU200

For those subscribers who don’t have enough cash for the above plan, you can also take advantage of the Combo or Unlimited 30 plans. If you prefer to choose Combo 30 then you will have 120 texts and 40 minutes calls from Sun-to-Sun. You are also given 40 texts messaging to all other networks and it is valid for 3 days period.

As for the Unlimited 30, you will have an unlimited call and text on the same network and 50 texts to all other networks. This unli promo is valid for 1 day only.

To activate your Unlimited 30 promo plan, use this code: CTU30

Latest New Promotional Offer

SUN has finally lowered the rate of their promotional offers. You can now avail an unlimited calls and texts at the lowest price of only 25 pesos. It’s called Superloaded CTU which can only be availed through a Sun Xpressload retailer in two different methods. First, you can simply purchase a Call Card and second is through a Load Conversion.

The final process to confirm your subscription is to text the code CTU then the amount (example: CTU 25) and send it to 247.

Below are the three available Superloaded offers to choose from:

25 Pesos

The code is CTU 25 and it offers the subscriber an additional 20 free texts to all networks.

100 Pesos

The code is CTU 100 with a bonus of 80 texts to all other networks.

150 Pesos

Use the code CTU 150 to obtain 100 free text messages to the other networks.

The code of your chosen promotional plan is to be sent to 247.

Text to All Networks

If your family and friends uses different networks, you can avail of Sun’s TextAll promo for only P15 valid for 24 hours period upon the time of registration. This offer will convert your regular load into a total of 150 text messaging. 50 text messages can be sent to any other networks while the remaining 100 is only valid for Sun-to-Sun texts.

To avail of this promo, text the code TEXTALL and send it to 247.

Internet Promos

Access to the World Wide Web is made possible through Sun’s Broadband Prepaid and Wireless Plan 350 Lite. Now, you can surf the net and play your favorite online games without any limitations at an affordable cost.

Sun Broadband Wireless offers you an unlimited 1 day internet surfing for only 50 Php. To avail of this offer, you have to buy a load in the form of a scratch card or via an Xpressload.

To subscribe, access your Sun Broadband Modem platform then enter the code LOAD followed by the 9 digit card number and 5 digit PIN which can be found at the card’s back potion. Below is an example on how to properly register from the plan:

LOAD 123456789 12345

When you are done entering those keys, send it to 2225. If it’s successful, you should receive a message that you are now registered along with the exact expiry date and time of your usage.

For the higher amount of load that you are going to spend, you will have more benefits. Spending 100 Php worth of load will let you surf the internet for 12 full hours and it is valid for 4 days. 300 Php offers you 48 hours of surfing with a validity period of 10 days.

Plan 350 Lite

If you are a typical internet user with a tight budget then the Sun Broadband Wireless Plan 350 Lite is the perfect package for you. For 350 Php per month, you can access the web for a total of 45 hours. The internet-speed goes up to 2Mbps to ensure that you are to have the best browsing experience.

Finally, do you want to have a Blackberry Curve 8520 for only 2,000 Php? If you do then you have to subscribe to the ‘Great Blackberry Deal 999’ where you get to enjoy both unlimited calls and text from the Sun-to-Sun network. Apart from the unli-call and text, you also have unlimited mobile internet with 3 months of unlimited Blackberry internet service. This deal is also available for the Sun Postpaid subscribers.