Globe Unlitxt and Unlimited Calls to all Networks


On June 16 2011, Globe had finally introduced their Unlitxt promo which is the SUPERUNLIALLTXT25. As it clearly stated from the code, it will only cost you twenty-five pesos (25 Php) to subscribe for an unlimited texting. This interesting promo now allows you to send text messages to all other networks such as Smart, TM, Talk N’ Text, Red Mobile and Sun Cellular without any charges.

To subscribe, make sure that you have 25 pesos with a least 1 peso that will remain on your account balance. What you have to do is to create a text message then enter the code below:


When it’s done, send the message to 8888. A confirmation will be received when your registration has been accepted. In most cases, you will most likely be registered in just a matter of minutes. Take note that this promotional offer has already ended on September 20 2011.

As Globe’s next succeeding offer for this year of 2012, use the code below:


The process of subscribing into this offer is the same as the procedure mentioned above. However, more benefits will be enjoyed by the subscribers since beside from being able to send unlimited text messages to all network, you are also given 10 minutes Globe/TM calls and 1 hour mobile internet surfing.

This offer is valid for 1 day and you should maintain at least 1peso as your maintaining balance. If you have accidentally spent you maintaining balance, you won’t be able to use the service unless you are to re-load your SIM with a minimum amount of 1 peso.

To recheck for the validity period of your subscription, use the code UALLPLUS STATUS then send it to 8888. This will allow you to keep track on your remaining hours in using the service.

Based from the official site of Globe, this offer is only available until November 20, 2012.