How to Screenshot on Lenovo S920 - UC Browse


In the previous post, everything you need to know about the Lenovo S920 was already been discussed. However, many users of this device often ask one common question. The question is, 'How to take screenshot of web content?'

The solution is that you need to have the latest version of the 'UC Browser'.

What is a UC Browse?

The UC browser is currently the leading mobile web-browser today where they claim to have over 400 million users across the globe. What makes it the leading web-browser application is it supports all major operating platforms and it is available in seven different languages. Aside from supporting major operating platforms, it also offers the following three interesting features:

  • Autopager

  • - This will automatically load the next page of the website that you are currently viewing once you reached the end or bottom of the page.

  • Speed Mode II

  • - UC browser will fetch only the most suitable version of webpages depending on your network's condition.

  • Increased Download Speeds

  • - Tweak and enhances the efficiency of network connections for a faster download speed connection.

  • Download Photos from FaceBook

  • - You can grab any of your favorite photos from FaceBook and download it right into your device.

    But How do you Take Screenshot?

    Taking a screenshot of web content with your Lenovo S920 is never been so easy with the UC Browser. Here's what you have to do:

  • Once you have opened the UC Browser and you are now currently viewing a webpage that you want to take a screenshot, click on the 'Menu'

  • After the menu then navigate on the 'Tools' then choose 'Screenshot'

  • Once you hit the Screenshot button, you can now save into your phone and share it to your friends